Proven Hard Floor Cleaning and Care

Concrete / Terrazzo

One time use surface preparation cleaner containing a special low friction lubricant extending the life of the pads and producing a faster honing result.
One time application, impregnating densifier/sealant that penetrates the substrate providing stain resistance & the foundation for building higher gloss.
Everyday cleaner to be used with our ES-CMP pads formulated to deep clean, enhance the gloss and improve the image of your facility.

Restoration Products

Wood Floor Deep Cleaner. Prepares prior to recoating. Removes embedded dirt, black marks and other soils
A highly active concentrated stripper which is fast acting, economical at use dilution.
ES91 Deep Scrub
An interim light scrub/recoat product that removes damaged & dull top coats of floor finish.
ES83 Haze Away
Removes white film of ice melt chemicals deposited at entranceways.
ES85 Scrub Free Floor Stripper
Concentrated stripper which effectively and effortlessly penetrates and removes multiple coats of conventional floor finishes.

Maintenance Products

Heavy duty no-rinse cleaner. Removes surface grit and soils extending the life of your wood floor care program.
ES72 Hydrogen Peroxide
Multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser and odor eliminator. Various applications depending upon the dilution rate used.
ES84 Neutral Floor Cleaner
Very effective cleaner that lifts the dirt out and leaves the shine. Excellent for daily or weekly maintenance.
ES86+ Spray Buff Solution
Enhances the gloss and removes soil and scuff marks on high traffic or damaged areas of the floor.
ES86+ Spray Buff
Removes soils, repairs high traffic areas, improves surface traction leaving a brilliant shine.
ES93+ Encapsulation Cleaner
An encapsulation & third generation dehydration phase cleaning technology that encapsulates soil to efficiently and effectively clean.
ES94+ Burnishing Cream
Restores floors to a high gloss level. Creates a safer walking surface. Eliminates stripping and recoating for years.
ES95 Restoration Wash, Gloss, Traction and Buff
A new technology floor restoration compound, specifically formulated to clean, polish and improve slip resistance on any floor in one simple step.
ES95+ Traction / Restoration
This specially formulated one step safety enhancing cleaner/maintainer cleans and helps restore the gloss of virtually any coating on any type of floor surface
STATIC Static Guard Cleaner
Specifically designed to be used with Anti-Static Floor Finish. Actually increases the floor Static Dissipative surface after it has dried.

Seal & Finish

Water-Based Wood Finish. Faster Dry Time - 90 Minutes. Safer - VOC Compliant
ES18 Green & Brite Floor Finish
Black mark/scuff resistant for everyday performance.
ES80 High Gloss Floor Finish
For day after day super high gloss floors. Durable, stain and black heel mark resistant. Designed for UHS burnishing system.
ES82 Barricade Sealer/Finish
An acrylic blend of polymers with excellent protective properties. Low gloss.
ES89 Blockade All Acrylic Based Concrete Sealer
Use on concrete, terrazzo and other masonry floors and walls. Recommended for warehouses, food processing plants and similar facilities.
ES96 High Traffic Floor Finish
A high gloss/wet look floor finish which is very durable, stain and black heel mark resistant.
ES98 Green Certified Floor Finish
For day after day high traffic & high gloss floors. Durable, greater initial gloss.
ES99 Impregnator Sealer - Stone, Tile & Grout
Water based design to protect against water and oil based stains on all grouted surfaces.
ANTI-STAT Anti-Static Floor Finish
A floor finish designed to carry off static charges in an instant.