ServClean® Oven

ServClean® Oven
ServClean Oven RTU
Specialized Cleaning Tasks

ServClean® Oven is a heavy alkaline cleaner-degreaser specifically designed to remove carbonized deposits and spot oils from ovens, griddles, fryers and hoods. Can be diluted at a wide variety of ratios, so see product label for particular cleaning application instructions.

ServClean® OVEN-RTU is a convenient ready-to-use viscous oven cleaner that clings to vertical surfaces for removal of carbonized deposits, spot oil and grease. Suitable for use on ovens, grills and fryers.

  • 19308-4:3.78 L
  • 29324-6:946 mL
Complete Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Kitchens
With over 30 years experience in formulating cleaning concentrates for the foodservice industry, we understand the importance of coupling a great ware-washing program with a thoroughly effective food preparation area cleaning program.

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