ServClean™ Sanitize

ServClean™ Sanitize
ServClean™ Sanitize
3-Bay Sinks & Hand Washing Stations

ServClean™ Sanitize is a final-rinse sanitizer for use on any non-porous surface previously cleaned with ServClean™ Clean, ServClean™ Degrease, or ServClean™ Dish HD. Dilute at 1/3 - 1/2 oz / U.S. Gal. to a minimum of 200ppm sanitizing solution. See product label for specifics on microbial efficacy.

  • 19319U-4NDT: Standard - 3.78 L (1.0 U.S. gallon)
  • 19319U-4: Dispenser Ready - 3.78 L (1.0 U.S. gallon)
  • 19319U-F6: Dispenser Ready - 1.89 L (0.50 U.S. gallon)
Complete Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Kitchens
With over 30 years experience in formulating cleaning concentrates for the foodservice industry, we understand the importance of coupling a great ware-washing program with a thoroughly effective food preparation area cleaning program.

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