Ensuring high public health standards are met or exceeded and
effective cleaning products and proper processes are in place.

Disease & Outbreak Prevention

Disinfectants Should be used Carefully, Sparingly and Thoughtfully

Overuse of Disinfectants/Sanitizers have been both been connected with the development of “SUPERBUGS”, An Increase of Asthma and Breathing Difficulties
  • What Percentage of the World’ Disinfectants are used properly??
  • What Elements / Procedures are involved to Ensure Proper Disinfection?
  • Why Do We “Attempt At Best “to Disinfect?
  • What Surface(s) Should We Focus On?


  • Focus on Proper Cleaning vs Attempting “at best” Disinfecting
  • Remove Organic Matter Safely from Surfaces
  • Disinfect in High Contact/Critical Areas Only
  • Positive Contribution to Our Population
  • Positive Contribution to Our Population
disease outbreak
Breaking The Chain of Infection


  • We are committed to sharing our deep expertise of how to effectively and efficiently clean with innovative and proven products for every market segment. Simplifying these essential steps combined with the proper choice of products is critical. We can shorten this learning curve for you and your team and make you the local surface cleaning expert in your area.

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