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Sick employees are costing you money!


Sick Days Per Year/Per Employee




We must stop thinking of cleaning as simply a cost. Doing it right directly improves your bottom-line profit, and even modest investments in cleaning produce significant financial returns.

Investments in a quality cleaning program will lead to
reduced operational costs through improvements in:

      Employee Wellness
      Asset preservation
      Environmental sustainability

Social returns also increase since cleaning positively impacts company image and overall customer satisfaction.
Labor Inefficiencies

ISSA indicates that over 90% of every budget dollar is spent on labor, less than 10% is the cost of the supplies. For example, floor care programs can cost as much as 67% of your spend as they are generally the most labor intensive and require the highest level of janitorial expertise.

A cleaning budget reduction does not always save a company money and can, in turn, cause additional costs, such as expenses generated from service failures. Service failures due to budget cuts and poor quality are also costly because additional labor is required to correct each cleaning deficiency and they require customer interaction that consumes management resources.

“The cost of poor quality is much higher than the cost of good quality" - Altran (Capgemini Subsidiary)

  • Lower efficiencies due to improper cleaning techniques
  • Wasted time due to unnecessary cleaning of non hot spots Increased risk of employee burn-out
  • Increases in labor shortages and turnover

Employee & Customer Wellness

Awareness for the health and wellness of occupants of buildings and custodial team employees have increased significantly. The vital role custodians play in infection prevention has highlighted the need to invest and protect this key asset - people.

Any improvement in cleaning productivity, combined with advancements of training and personal development plus well defined cleaning standards promotes safer and healthier facilities for employees and customers.

“Today, about 40% (of employees) globally say they often worry about becoming ill due to poor hygiene.” -Essity

  • Absenteeism (sick days)
  • Presenteeism (working while sick)
  • Employee/customer retention problems
  • Employee productivity issues
  • Employees and customers are aware of safer and healthier product options

Improper Product & Equipment Use

Concentrated chemical dilution systems ensure the proper product application with superior results. It also supports reduced product inventory, i.e., no need for multiple skus, minimizes the risk of chemical contact, and reduces carbon footprint in freight shipped.

Moreover, proactive asset preservation initiatives such as floor care programs contribute to long term savings and more attractive looking facilities - for years!

“A properly cared-for carpet can last up to three times longer than one that is not well maintained.” - The Carpet and Rug Institute

  • Overuse of product leads to major cost waste
  • Lower asset preservation due to improper cleaning
  • Spending on unnecessary products and equipment

How It Works
Charlotte Services 4 Steps that improve the productivity and wellness of your people, and save you money!

1. Assessment

We review your current processes, product use, and other key
elements of your current day-to-day operations for improvements.

2. Recommendation

Based on our findings, you receive a report identifying potential
process, training, and product improvements to maximize
productivity and value for your budgetary spend.

3. Implement & Measure

With your approval, we develop and present an implementation
plan and then help to measure and quantify the savings.

4. Evolve

As the world changes, we will evolve together and leverage
our industry leading knowledge and capabilities.

The Bottom Line
Our unique and innovative service offerings help to increase labor efficiency, elevate the wellness of your people,
improve customer satisfaction, and reduce product waste – all through the power of clean!

- Source : ISSA Value of Clean Canada