Cleaning Validation with Optisolve®

Precision cleaning data-enabled digital reporting solution empowers you to measure, monitor, and analyze trends in both the level of cleanliness and cleaning quality.


With the ability to increase productivity and confidently meet health and safety requirements, our solution offers a comprehensive approach to cleaning and reporting.

Making the invisible, visible

Uncover surface contamination left behind

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Our powerful Pathfinder™ surface imaging technology allows facility managers and cleaning teams to assess surfaces for contamination, visually detect any risks, and fine-tune their cleaning practices for improved environmental monitoring, health and safety assurance, and facility performance.


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A quality system for quality cleaning.

Our SAVI® software is a digital quality management system that allows facility teams to plan, conduct, track, and report site assessments regarding cleaning quality, surface cleaning validation and environmental monitoring and audit.


Using evidence-based feedback gathered in SAVI®, managers can design and implement proactive and preventative cleaning protocols and processes.

How it Works
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Step 1: Attaching the Pathfinder imaging hardware to the mobile tablet mounted on the tripod
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Step 2: Set up the Pathfinder unit in front of the hard, non-porous surface you want to examine
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Step 3: Apply the illuminator bio-tracker spray to the surface
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Step 4: Pathfinder™ then captures surface contamination data
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Step 5: The proprietary technology processes this into intensity maps, providing visual images and scorecard results to identify areas and intensity of contamination
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Step 6: Using the SAVI® software, your Pathfinder images are stored and assigned in a user-friendly dashboard that helps you set and monitor benchmarks, create and share reports, and make data-informed decisions for improving your cleaning performance
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Step 7: Pathfinder results can easily be shared to help management locate and address issues, improve training and develop precision, highly-effective cleaning programs