Why Charlotte

“We have a purpose when we come to work every day.
And that is to create safe and healthy spaces for people everywhere.”
- Matt Strano, CEO, Charlotte Products™

Our Story

More than 30 years ago, a visionary in the field of sustainability teamed up with three chemists to bring effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to the market. Charlotte Products was born from their shared vision. Over the past three decades, Charlotte Products has grown into a global leader for sustainable cleaning innovation. All along the way, we’ve been defined by our ability to predict the cleaning industry’s needs and trends before they happen and our unique ability to match those needs with innovation, simplified knowledge transfer and expertise. We find success by constantly improving our healthy, safe and sustainable cleaning solutions.

Meet Charlotte

Today, Charlotte Products manufactures four distinct product lines, each one bringing the best unique industry insights, innovative solutions and deep knowledge to market. We’re large enough to handle any opportunity but nimble enough to listen so that we can truly satisfy our customers’ needs. Our workforce is driven by a shared belief in health, safety and a brighter, cleaner future. Each and every member of our team, from the chemists in our labs to the folks on our production line, is passionate about that belief.

Our Mission is simple...

We help people everywhere live safer and healthier lives.

Our Vision is bold...

To be the global leader in creating effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

Our Core Values drive everything we do...

We are passionate about creating value for our clients. Our ongoing investment into research and development of innovative products and programs ensures we drive winning solutions for our clients. We exceed customer expectations.Our experience and flexibility enable us to surpass our customers’ requirements quickly and effectively. We are the cleaning solution experts. Our employees have an ongoing mandate to develop and demonstrate deep expertise of customers’ challenges and provide solutions. We are environmentally responsible. Through innovative manufacturing, we deliver proven cleaning solutions that reduce environmental impact. We create trusted partnerships with key stakeholders. We deliver extensive and unique skill sets for designing and developing customized strategies for our business partners to deliver win-win success stories.

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Sustainability at Charlotte

When it comes to sustainability, we believe it’s imperative to practice what you preach. We don’t just support the environmentally responsible initiatives of our customers and end users, we make sustainability a core value here at our headquarters, too.

This means that we are always:

  •  Developing and sourcing products to find the safest, least toxic raw ingredients
  •  Implementing measures to reduce energy, materials and waste in our operations
  •  Providing learning and development opportunities for our customers and employees
  •  Supporting health, education and environmental initiatives to strengthen the communities in which we live and do business